Friday, December 29, 2006


black against grey
waiting, for winter
to thaw


Brian said...

Is that lunch?

getzapped said...

Not mine!

Cergie said...

That's so cute
Even a crow may be cute Are you sure it is one ?

What a surprise, you changed you profile photo
I don't know why I was imagining you are coming from Asia because of the way you do your blog
Difficult to imagine who is who
You imagine somebody is young and it is not
You imagine a male and it is a female
And even perhaps are you not the person who is on your new profile, who knows ?
I'm not really a daisy, you know !
And my true name is Lucie
ahahah !

getzapped said...

Lucie (not daisy)- I got a chuckle from your comment. I decided to add a pic, to make it a little more personal. And you are right, who's to say the pics are true? Several Asian friends have wondered about me, too. I have to say - that many things Asian resonate with me. My goal is to travel to Asia and see what awaits...

You may not be a daisy, but your posts shine brightly and make people feel happy!

Oh, it is a crow. I took the picture. Crows are very common around here.