Monday, December 18, 2006


rain fell sideways
wind tormented us all night-
a fallen tree

sheets of rain
wind slapped the house-
storm victim

rain flooded the streets
as wind stormed the city-
a loud crash

I'm happy to hear Jennifer is safe and sound. I am lucky as I didn't lose power, but many of my friends did (and remain without), so thank you for this opportunity to share nature's stormy side. This is a tree that fell outside my office.

This is in response to One Deep Breath


susanlavonne said...

glad you're safe too!
what an amazing photo....and wonderful imagery in your haiku series :-)

Becca said...

you've certainly captured the feeling of the storm - it's obviously very fresh in your mind's eye. glad to hear you're fine in the end :)

Tammy said...

Wonderful photo and haiku! My husband's daughter lost power for 36hrs up in Bremerton. Scary stuff!

Roswila said...

That last ku is particularly powerful. Amazing photo.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Scary storm, excellent haiku.

Mike Mc said...

Rain, rain, rain. Welcome to the wet coast. I did lose power for a few hours, about the only thing saving me from survivor’s guilt.

getzapped said...

Thank you all for your comments. It's nice to see how poetry and nature bring people together. I enjoyed relating to those who shared the experience or who know someone who did, and am happy to know those folks made it through okay. I appreciate the good wishes and am so grateful (and a little guilty) that I wasn't inconvenienced any, but I am still housing my boyfriend as he is waiting for power to return.

To all of you out there - be well this coming winter!

Jodi said...

Powerful haiku and photo. I haven't been in a bad storm in a long time, but wrote about one that I was in the past.

Cergie said...

Beautiful, the tree on the rock
And the question: how will it survive when it will be much bigger ?

getzapped said...

cergie- the tree is gone. The wind blew it down and the city came along and cut it up and all that remains is dirt and roots. Sorry to see it happen. In fact, several trees have fallen lately. With all the rain, the ground is so saturated they just fall! Sad.