Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Temple Steps

many have trod
faithfully upon you
temple steps

Photo by: ~Miguel

This is in response to One Deep Breath


Crafty Green Poet said...

Those steps have seen many feet!

susanlavonne said...

the photo is facinating but it's the haiku that gives me chills (in a good way!)

Roswila said...

Wonderful photo and 'ku.

Star said...

your haiku is perfect for the well-worn pathway -- sets me to wondering about each who has passed that way

Parisparfait said...

Wonderful photo and poem - interesting thinking about the anticipation of each person climbing those steps.

Remiman said...

how many imagined the stairway to salvation?
nice vision.

getzapped said...

One can only imagine the many souls ascending these weathered steps in search of solace and even enlightenment.

Brian said...

roots seek nirvana
eating stone filling belly
eons later burp

Neasa said...

Lovely haiku. Those steps are very inviting. Well done!

Don Iannone said...

Very nice. Enjoyed the whole series you've written and posted.

getzapped said...

B- nice take on the tree.

Thank you, neasa and don for your warm comments.

Sandy said...

Now this is weathered! I wonder how old the steps are?
Good poem.

rainystair said...

the young ones
mount you in two strides
old temple steps

although the key to good haiku is to allude to something without naming it, like my favorite about achieving enlightenment:

oh snail
climb Mount Fuji
but slowly, slowly

decidedly not from the Renzai school of Zen!


gnarled old roots
obscure the way
my path

though "old" is redundant, since we can clearly see that


just this way
the mendicate monks
have come

nice site gz who is miguel? -rs

getzapped said...

Thanks, Sandy. I too wonder how old...ask miguel - he took the pic in Nepal.

rs- such lovely ku's you shared. The first one allows me to see those young ones moving in haste to capture enlightenment, much too fast for their own good, as Basho expresses. Miguel is a very good friend of mine, as you must know. ; )