Tuesday, January 02, 2007


river awakens
to a new day, a new way
bending with life


molded by nature
season after season
old river

The New Year is a time to look back, see were we've been and were we want to go. We can't change where we've been, only were we may go from here. Like a river, we flow year to year, day to day, moment to moment. Embracing the cycle of life.

This is in gracious response to One Deep Breath


Brian said...

Water corrodes stone
walls constructed with labor
washed away in tears

Jemima said...

I do like the spectrum of possibility in 'bending with life'.

Roswila said...

along the curves
of mother earth
the old river

Love your drawing. Happy New Year!

getzapped said...

thought-provoking, Brian.

jemima- a spectrum, good way of seeing it!

roswila- sensuality of nature. Precious poem. Thank you.


jblack designs said...

Love the river analogy. Like a river, we never go the same way twice--and we leave our footprints even in rock.

Wonderful image and text!


luisa brehm said...

love it, the image and poem !!!
old river
more a new day
the ocean

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely images of a river flowing into a new year....

hundred and one said...

Thank you for making me think. Loved this.

Dan said...

Beautiful stuff. Zen and Taoism, which I've been reading about lots over the past several years, really helped me get through my dad's death just before Christmas.

Realizing the connection between all things opens one's heart.

getzapped said...

jblack- welcome! yes, we never go the same way twice, even if we think we do...

luisa- wonderful meandering to the ocean - to the source...

crafty & 101- thank you.

dan- thanks. I too read the dharma and find it very helpful. It helped me deal with my father's passing almost two years ago. It's wonderful you have some understanding around the connection of life and death (and all points in between). I wish you well, with the healing and growth around your dad's death.

~Peace to all.

Tammy said...

"bending with life" and "molded by nature" were very powerful. Excellent!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Very nice! I love the imagery and your artwork! Thank you!