Thursday, January 18, 2007


We are made up of layers. Our skin is composed of layers, as is the earth - our personality is layered. We unfold layer by layer as we learn more about ourselves. What comes to mind when you think of layers?

This is in response to the weekly challenge "LAYERS" at Inspire Me Thursday


Tikkis said...

Layer of fat? (I was in a lab and they took some blood away from me! To test my cholesterol. I'm not fat. Some 85 kg.)

But layers, of course, there are many. Many. Inside, deep inside. As an iceberg, only 1/8 visible.

A very good question, perhaps there are no answers?

belinda said...

good thing the layers can be added upon layers :)

getzapped said...

thank you both for sharing your comments. Tikkis- you made me laugh ; )