Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Fibs

with me
letting go
your horrible day
meditating on your in breath

a bear hug
smiling ear to ear
we walk hand in hand in the rain

hands in a puddle
frolicking the morning away

This last one was inspired by a day spent with my 4 1/2 year old nephew. I will cherish that day for a long time.

For more info on poetry fibs, see "Spicy Fibs" post below.


Brian said...

Great fibs, maybe I will revisit this form someday when I feel better.

Thank for all your visits, it means a lot to me.

getzapped said...

thanks, brian. I hope you do soon, that way I know you are feeling better. Your visits always bring me joy!

aquamarine said...

really lovely imagery! I loved the "hands in a puddle" line.

dani-hermit-be-gone said...

Isn't it something else to spend a day with a child? They bring new perspective and let you look through their eyes for a bit, pretty marvelous.

Lizard Princess said...

Frolick is one of my all-time favorite vowels.

Angie said...

I especially love the last one. Even without the (very cool) picture, "hands in a puddle" brings a great image to mind.

getzapped said...

Thank you all for commenting. I find it interesting that the last one spoke to all of you. I must say, it is the one that I had more connection with. Thus, the joy and love of that day transpired. That is the beauty of poetry. I had a picture of him with his hands in the puddle, but liked this one as it leaves more to the imagination. Peace.