Thursday, February 05, 2009


Lyrics are the seeds
Left to find their
Own way into the earth.

They split into pieces
Forming words
Of colorful visions

Soft as water
Pure as breath
Fleeting as death.

Not to be forgotten,
They sing through us
Joining the march
Into poetic song.

Chattering leaves
Chiming winds
Moaning passions.

Are the soul
Of a heartbeat.

© 2008 M.A. Ringgold

Cathy Delaleu is a poet and painter out of Arizona who posted a poetry contest on her blog. I won first place which entitles me to one of her fabulous paintings and a bookmark. This poem was inspired by my love of lyric composition and nature.


polona said...

wow! you deserve the award - this is wonderful!

get zapped said...

Thank you, Polona. This poem just seemed to flow out of me.

Lynn said...

congratulations! Great poem!!!!!